Thursday, October 6, 2016

To the Church at Crossroads - One Man's Frustration

"I pay no attention whatever to anybody's praise or blame. I simply follow my own feelings." - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

To the Church at Crossroads.....

You do not know how to deal with me, how the hell do you expect one of your minions to?????

DIi You Tell him, to tell me that, if i did not stop walking around in circles (halls) that he had permission to Tell me to LEAVE?????

HOW THE HELL are you going to spread the word of God, if you KICK EVERYONE out of the club who does not 'BEHAVE' properly? What is next, kicking everyone out who does not agree? Is that how YOU Want to teach people?

Just preach to the easy ones, let the difficult ones fend for themselves? Just because you are incapable of understanding does not mean there is no one in the church who can understand!!!!

I tested you, you failed. That does not mean i quit looking, you are NOT the only one in the Church!
I have been developing relationships since I started, now becuase of this BS, I can't continue to do so.
IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM with your Brother, GO TO HIM. IF you still have problems bring another.

WTF does it take for you to HEAR? I am better with more than one. I have been saying this ALL ALONG! I KNOW HOW PEOPLE REACT TO ME!

I Expect my spiritual Leader to NOT REACT to me! And, obviously, that is not you. That does not mean my spiritual leader is NOT in the Church! There are several hopefuls. The Senior'S' Pastor has great potential. How selfish of you to act on how YOU FEEL about me.

This is a good spot to stop. I am going to post this in public, in my Group, and on my Wall. Just because you think my opinion is Wrong, does not mean I am. GOD wired me to be like this. HOW DARE you tell me GOD makes Mistakes!

I can't Stay in a church where the Pastor attacks people he does not understand. That is NOT What Jesus Teaches. What a Pharisee, caring more about how you feel than Truth.

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